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Saturday Night Fights

Now it wouldn’t be a Saturday Night if we weren’t at the Toronado, would it? Last night, Janet and I met up with a bunch of friends for a night of good beer and fun conversations. Jocelyn, Shadee and Shawn (check 9/20’s update for the background on them) were all there. The highlight of the evening was that Carlos, a good friend from the office, was able to make the trek out from the East Bay just to have a birthday beer with me.

The night started off with Carlos, Janet and me eating take-out chinese food, drinking Tsingtao beer and watching Oscar de la Hoya beat up Julio Cesar Chavez on HBO. But 9pm came around all too fast and we were off to the Toronado for a couple of beers.

The newly re-blonded Johnny welcomed us to our favorite seats at the end of the bar, and Ian set us up with our first drinks. I went for the Anderson Valley Oktoberfest, Carlos had a Red Rocket and Janet had a Guinness. Actually, aside from an Underberg, Janet stuck with Guinness all night.

Somewhere near the end of that first round of beer, Jocelyn and Shadee showed up. Shadee went for a Framboise and Jocelyn, who was suffering from a cold stuck with Root Beer. The beer flowed well that night… Carlos had a Faultline Kolsch, a Moonlight Death and Taxes and an

Erdinger. I stuck with all domestic beers, having two pints of Anderson Valley Boont Amber, a pint of Eye of the Hawk and finished the night of with a Lagunitas Maximus… at least I think it was a Maximus… for some reason… I can’t exactly recall what it was, but I think it was a Maximus. I can’t believe that I can’t remember what my final beer is. I do remember that somewhere around the Eye of the Hawk, Shawn showed up. He had a root beer.

There is a good reason that I can’t remember what the final beers are, because there were so many other things going on that my short-term memory is full of other things that were going on that night. Here are the highlights of the night:

  • Ian giving me an In-N-Out Double Double that someone brought him in from the In-N-Out Burger in Rohnert Park (about 40 minutes away). Sigh. I really wish that there was an In-N-Out in San Francisco.
  • Carlos teaching Jocelyn how to do the Lindy during the Stray Cats’ Rock This Town.
  • The spontaneous gathering of Carlos, Jocelyn and me in the bathroom for no apparent reason. We spent about ten minutes living vicariously through Jocelyn as she described her sex life.
  • Jennifer (the owner’s girl friend) thinking that we were in the bathroom doing cocaine.
  • Carlos and I trying to explain that we weren’t doing illicit drugs… that we were talking about Jocelyn’s dating history.

    …and of course…

  • Jocelyn’s famous sex question to Johnny

Sigh. Jocelyn’s famous sex question. Jocelyn asked me what I would do if I had a million dollars. I said that I would either train to be a chef or be a bartender. Shadee then asked what good would it be to be a bartender if you didn’t use it to “get laid by a different woman every night” why be a bartender? Jocelyn said “These bartenders don’t get laid by a different woman every night (because she knew that they have girlfriends).” Janet then piped up, saying “You never know…”

Within a second, Jocelyn turned towards Johnny and yelled out “Hey Johnny, do you get laid…” I go to put my hand over her mouth, but Johnny heard what she was saying and came over asking “What???” So, we explained the course of events which led up to Jocelyn’s interrupted question. So Johnny half answered the question with a smirk and a chuckle and went off to pour another beer. Upon Johnny’s eventual return to our side of the bar, I said with a shrug “Can you believe that she’s sober?”

Wednesday is Oktoberfest night… so expect an update on Thursday.

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