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I find it interesting that one of the things that alterna-people wear these days are Dickie's pants, now sold in stores like Urban Outfitters. This is interesting, if not just a teeny-tiny bit amusing, because ten or so years ago, my stepfather at the time also wore Dickie's…to work at his job as a machinist at Pratt and Whitney. Dickie's were sold at K-Mart back then, and my sister and I used to make fun of them because they were considered to be ugly, factory-worker, poor-person's pants. They sure have come a long way — I overheard the following not too long ago: Bartender to friend, presumably explaining why he was wearing baggy checkered shorts (and a white T-shirt) on a cool-ish day: "I have my Dickie's in my bag…I had a feeling he [the other bartender] was gonna wear Dickie's and a white T-shirt, and sure enough he's wearing Dickie's and a white T-shirt." I guess girls aren't the only ones worried about showing up at the party dressed the same!

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