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Just let it go…

We had asked Jocelyn whether she had invited anyone to meet her at the Toronado, and she said that she had indeed told a few people that they could “stop by,” so when a guy approached her/us we just thought it was someone she knew. He was kind of hippie-ish looking, with long wavy hair and a big backpack. He came over and said, “My name is Mitchell, but some people call me Willow (all weirdly accentuated). So, call me Willow.” He said this all creepy-like, in a drugged sort of way. He didn’t remember Jocelyn’s name, which I thought was kind of weird, but whatever. He started to ask the bartender Ian if they had any “shots” (Bad Move #1), and then tried to ask for a beer. Ian interrupted him and asked “Do you have any money? ‘Cuz I remember you just hittin’ me up for change outside a little while ago.” (Bad Move #2) Jocelyn was saying that she would buy Mitchell/Willow a beer, the bartenders were visibly peeved at this Willow person, and at this point I was kind of staring into my 2nd or 3rd Guinness, thinking, who the hell is this guy? And why would Jocelyn know him? Then it hit me: Jocelyn must have just met this guy outside when she went to get something to eat earlier. This turned out to be true. He was just a panhandler. “Now you have something to write about” she said.

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