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DMV. 'Nuff Said.

Every couple of years, I get to waste an afternoon of my life waiting in line at the DMV to get my license renewed. Now, I know, everybody thinks that this isn't a big deal… everybody has to do it, so why should it bother me? Well, let me tell you… there's nothing more annoying that trying to get your license renewed at the San Francisco DMV.
First off, when you walk in, the place reeks of mildew covered up with industrial strength Lysol. The fluorescent lights are flickering, and the people that you get to stand behind reek of piss and body odor.So, you walk in and go to the forms woman and ask her for a renewal form. She asks, "What language?" Now, you know from previous Topic of the Weeks that I find it outrageous that someone who can't read a traffic sign should get a license. I mean, could you imagine the poor traffic cop who pulls over some guy for running a stop sign and all he gets is "What does stop mean? (it's funnier if you imagine someone with a thick accent saying this" But the more fundamentally idiotic part of this conversation that I had with the forms woman is that I SPOKE TO HER IN ENGLISH. PERFECT FREAKING ENGLISH! I almost felt like saying "Do you have the form in Vietnamese (which they do&#41" and then grabbing one in English as well, and using the English form as a guide, fill out the Vietnamese form and bring it to the desk. But, California State Employees are not known for their sense of humor, so I figured I would just use the English form.
15 minutes in line for the paperwork, and another 10 for the picture (I was lucky… the lines weren't bad&#41 and I was out of there. As I left, the forms woman was still asking people "What language?"

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