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Fond College memories

Here's something depressing and unmotivating: realizing that you probably have to go back to school to get another college degree to get the job that you actually want, while still paying off the first college degree which you were assured would get you the job that you wanted. I can't believe that four years ago, people that were supposed to know what they were talking about assured us that we would be able to get practically "any job we wanted" with Bachelor of  Liberal Studies degrees. Meanwhile, no matter what title you want to slap on my job, it's still pretty much an administrative assistant position, and that's not what I paid $100,000 for!  When I was 10 or 12 years old, I always thought that by 30  I would be an executive or have my own company or be doing something that satisfied me…at least have my own office! I guess I'll have to start studying again, in order to  keep up with the 14-year olds who can design their own web pages.

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