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Again with the Safeway Baggers

I don't want to pick on grocery baggers because as you know, they are only one step above People Who Hand Out Useless Paper on Street Corners (that and I was a checker at Kroger for a summer while in college, so I've bagged a few groceries in my day.&#41 However, the point is to pack the bags in such a way that they are actually able to be carried. Even by a person who doesn't have superhuman strength. Just because all of the grocery cart's contents FIT in one easily rippable plastic bag doesn't mean you should put them all in said bag. Helpful Hint: If you can barely lift it off the counter, it's TOO FULL! Someday I'm also going to take them up on their offer to "help me out" with my groceries (we don't have a car&#41 What? It's only six blocks or so. You offered!

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