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Archived Smirk

The inaugural smirk of August, and it's a good one! This afternoon, we went out with Brad and Sarah to the Computer Show at the Cow Palace. We picked up a copy of J++ and C++ programming languages for $4 and $20 respectively. Talk about a good deal! Afterwards, we went to the holy mecca that is called "Beverages and More". BevMo (as they prefer to call themselves&#41 is the best chain of liquor stores in Northern California. We were able to pick up the following items that we can't find anywhere else in the city:

  • 12 Underbergs in the 1998 collectible tin
  • a Fifth of Jim Beam Rye (for making Sazeracs&#41
  • a Fifth of Herbsaint (again, for making Sazeracs&#41
  • A small bottle of Lindeman's Kriek Lambic (Sour Cherry&#41
  • A small bottle of Lindeman's Kriek Framboise (Raspberry&#41
  • A large bottle of Liefman's GluhKriek (spiced cherry Lambic&#41
  • A bottle of Ommegang (a NY State Belgian type ale&#41

While perusing the aisles, we met up with Marcus, who is throwing the Evil Doers party tonight. He was stocking up the cart for what is surely going to be a MEAN little punch (note, there is a bottle of everclear in the mix&#41. This should be the start of a wonderful weekend!

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