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How many Underbergs can someone drink in a night?

Last night was spent at the Toronado. Robert and Ian were on shift… it’s great when the two of them are on shift together, because they have that same scowly attitude that Janet and I have. So, we got into the bar at 9… and it only took 15 minutes or so until seats opened up. It’s funny, but when you spend enough time at a bar, you really end up with your seats. Our seats are at the end of the bar… it gives us a great view of all of the taps, and it allows us to talk to the bouncer. It’s one thing if the seats are occupied by other regulars… but last night, the seats were taken by some tourists. It’s funny… Robert gave us this “they’re on their last beer… just hang by the seats and they’ll leave” look. He was right… we had the seats before we got halfway through our first drinks. Our drinks, as always at the Toronado, were beers. Janet stuck with German Weissbeers (including an extremely tasty Schneider Weisse), while I jumped around between some American and some German beers.

Of course beer (and sausage from Rosamunde next door) isn’t the only thing that we drank at the Toronado; as is tradition, we had Underberg as well. Usually we have 2 Underbergs at the most on any given night. Last night we went through 4 of them. Underberg, if you have never tried it, is a bitter… with anise and cinnamon flavors. It helps to settle the stomach… and having an Underberg with the bartenders is part of the ritual of being a barfly at the Toronado.

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