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The Price of Color

What is a "fall color" and why does it cost so much more than a "summer color?" All I wanted was another inexpensive short sleeve shirt like the grey one I bought last week. After going to three, count 'em, three Express stores, all I could find were shirts that were size small or extra small or extra large, all in repulsive pastel colors. None of my size in basic black, none in athletically-cool navy blue. They did have, though, several hundred larges in grey, the color I already had. I walked though the store and found the exact same shirt on another rack in dark brown. When I went to pay for it, I discovered that it was $20, not $12 like all the others. The salesperson said "this is a fall color. Only the summer colors are $12." Well, I consider black to be, like, the ultimate winter color and it was $12. And I wear brown all the time. Oh, those wacky fashion people, making me pay $8 extra for a "fall" color that I'll wear all 12 months of the year!

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