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On The Street

Walking outside in the financial district area is sometimes enough to ruin an otherwise ordinarily blase day. Every morning while walking to work, I encounter a plethora of homeless and/or down-and-out type people. Most of them are harmless, but some feel the need to harass you endlessly, each and every day, like the army-green wearing guy who used to stand on the corner in front of the Starbucks and harass the patrons there, or the ones who tell you to "smile", or the ones who feel the need to call you "Princess." During lunch hour, the People Who Hand Out Useless Pieces of Paper take over and INSIST that you take the useless piece of paper. Don't try to escape…they are on every corner and will literally chase you down or try to shove their papers into your hands against your will! Not only is this such a waste of perfectly good paper, it's depressing. These people have got to be at a personal rock bottom. I mean, isn't this one step below grocery baggers? Well, whoever you're trying to avoid the next time you visit our fair city, don't be scared of the cockroaches lying upside down on the sidewalk — they're already dead!

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