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Damn Tourists!

If MUNI is inconsistent on the weekdays, forget trying to get anywhere on Sunday. Here is the major problem: Janet and I live in the Lower Haight. The Lower Haight is halfway between the tourist meccas of the Upper Haight and Union Square. So, on the weekend there is reduced bus service, which means that they run about 1/2 of the normal buses on all of the routes. This means that tons of tourists are trying to cram on the 6, 7, 66 or 71 buses. Unfortunately, if we are running any errands downtown, it means that we have to vie for the few available seats with a ton of map-and-guide-reading tourists asking “Is dis vhere die Haight Strasse ees?”… it’s enough to drive you batty. Now, we usually ride on the metro [subway] and walk the extra blocks back home. It’s more inconvenient, but it’s better than being trapped in the tourist sardine can called the Haight Street Bus Lines.

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