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Stand Aside

It has come to pass that it’s not so much that MUNI doesn’t ever arrive on time as it is that once it does arrive, a tense and fidgety crowd of people has usually built up. As you can guess, they all want to get on said MUNI vehicle, even if there are only two square inches of space left. Even with people literally hanging out the windows and pressed up against the doors, there will still be that guy who just HAS to get on THAT bus, yelling “Move back! Move to the back!” Most of the time people just stand where they are and shuffle their feet, feigning movement. Even so, that guy always squeezes on anyway.

Message to those people who get on a semi-empty train and immediately position themselves directly in front of the very same door that all the remaining fifty or so of us are trying to get through — Don’t do that! Maybe the feeling of being trampled and elbowed will remind you that YOU’RE IN THE WAY!

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