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We used to have the worst luck with doing laundry due to all of those little laundry hassles that keep adding up and eventually give you a tension headache the size of  New York. Like planning when to do the laundry. You don't want to do it on a weekend, when everyone and their brothers are in there, so you have to do it on a weekday. But you have to leave work a teensy bit early in order to beat the rest of the area home so you can make sure you get a washer or two. Once you're there, you really have no choice but to stay there. Then you have to worry that you won't get a dryer because some people have to take up, like, five dryers for one load of clothes. And what about those people who leave the laundromat while washing and/or drying?  They leave their clothes in a machine for almost and hour and then have the audacity to get mad when someone removes them. I heard someone once complain that whoever took his clothes out of the dryer didn't have the courtesy to fold them! And who are those people who bring in garbage bags full of wet clothes from somewhere else? You are the worst tension-makers of all! My tension was abated today, though. None of the above happened to me, so I will be smirking until next time.

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