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Forced Occupation!

Alas, I'm still having personal space issues, specifically the ones involving someone using my desk/computer for 2 weeks. I can't stand the fact  that some people just seem to do things a certain way just because they think it should be done that way. I would return to my desk periodically during that 2-week span, usually at the end of the day. I happened to notice that a certain someone had written their notes all over my personal calendar, and without making a big deal of it, I just printed a new, clean copy from Microsoft Outlook. I put it back on a pile of stuff on my desk, and just for kicks I turned it upside down. When I eventually got back to my desk for good, I noticed that that it was turned right-side up again. Upon closer inspection, it seems that this certain someone had taken the liberty of perusing the updated, clean copy of my calendar and actually re-writing her notes that I had intentionally left out because they weren't my notes! I didn't forget to put them in, you retard, I left them out intentionally! Didn't your mama teach you not to touch other people's stuff?! And while you're at it, stop turning off all the lights in the office when you leave at 4:30, you Save the Planet crusader…some of us are still working.

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