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Happiness is a new fan. After that scorching night on 7/15, I decided to purchase a new fan. Mind you, this isn't any old fan… it's one of those $29.99 Walgreens top-of-the-line fans. It can swivel and is all space-agey looking and best of all… it works! For the last few weeks, our 3 year old box-fan has been getting worse and worse… it still spinned and made that "whirrrrrrring" noise, but it didn't move any air. Effectively, it was a fan with a major case of asthma. Lots of noise and effort, but little results. This new fan makes you feel like you're in a minor hurricane. Now, when it gets too hot, I just turn on the fan and yell "Blow Me!"… and though I may feel quite silly addressing an inanimate fan with such an epithet… it gets results.

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