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Sausage Chronicles

It all started out innocently. I was at an all hands meeting for my division, at a Baltimore Orioles game, talking to a newly-made friend about German food. somehow, in the process of discussing sausages, Pam mentioned that when she was a kid living in Iowa, that she used to get the best sausages from this little home-town shop.

The next day, Pam emailed (is that a word?) me and asked for my address, because she was going to ship me some Bratwurst from that place she was talking about in Iowa.

This last Tuesday (6/30/98), I received a box at my office… filled with 12 2-pound packs of sausages. I talked to Pam about this… she said that she ordered me 12 bratwursts, thinking I would get 12 links (two packs of 6 sausages)… not 12 packs of sausage.

This section will chronicle HOW I get through 12 packs of this Bratwurst.

Gave 1 pack of sausages to my Building Manager. In exchange, he gave us some beautiful strawberries from the Farmers’ Market.

Bringing 6 packs to a 4th of July party which is being thrown at Shawn’s house. Shawn is the President of DoublePlay records, a local record label… and a good friend. Now, I’ll finally be able to taste one of these bratwursts. You’ll get my tasting notes tomorrow afternoon.

Brought 6 packs of the Bratwursts to the party. Between all the party goers, we went through 2 packs of brats. Marcus from Sherlock’s Haven (my local cigar shop) took home another 2 packs.
Current supply of Bratwurst left: 5 packs in freezer, 2 in the fridge.
As a side note, everyone thought that the sausage tasted great! I happen to think that these might be the best Bratwrusts that I have ever had.

My building manager came by and asked for another pack of sausage… down to 1 in the fridge and 5 in the freezer!

Traded 1 pack of sausage to Jeff at Rosamunde, the new sausage grill next to the Toronado for a Wiener Schnitzel on one of his phenomenal rolls. Hope he likes it… I certainly liked what I received in the trade!

Defrosted another pack and cooked up 4 sausages with sweet onions, honey mustard (that I made from Coleman’s mustard powder and fresh wild orange blossom honey) and red peppers. Tomorrow, we are going to make up some red-beans and rice with the rest of the pack. 4 packs + 2 sausages left!

Used the last 2 sausages frm yesterday to make a sausage/chicken gumbo. 4 packs left in the freezer.

Threw the last four packs in the freezer as we threw everything out in preparation for the move.

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