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Women's Boxing and a Pathetic Sports Bar

Last night, our boxing instructor, Jocelyn, invited Janet and me out to see one of her sparring partners box on USA's Tuesday Night Fights. So, our class ends, we grab a quick bite to eat and head out to the dreaded Fisherman's Wharf to Knuckle's Sports Bar (at the Hyatt&#41 to watch the match with a bunch of local boxers, and Gina's (the person whose match we were here to see&#41 mother.
9:00 PM hits and the waiter changes the TVs to the USA station… but instead of Tuesday Night Fights, Highlander is on. The table I am sitting at is royally confused and Gina's mother goes to have words with the bar manager. To make a long 15 minutes really short, it ends up that the bar bought a handy-dandy DSS dish, but only gets the EAST coast feed of USA. The damn thing is that when they arranged for 15 of us to go to Knuckles, they confirmed the time and what sports event we were there to see. Putzes.
So, Gina, knowing that everyone is at the bar to cheer her on, calls Knuckles and talks to her mom (who then lets us know that she kept her title/belt due to a unanimous decision&#41 and then asks to talk to Jordan (one of her sparring partners&#41. Between Gina's mom leaving to get Jordan and Jordan getting to the phone, one of the bartenders hangs up the phone… presumably without checking to see if ANYONE WAS STILL ON! Double Putzes.
These sorts of screw ups, combined with a 4 dollar Anchor Steam ($2.50 at the Toronado&#41 does not make for long term customers.

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