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Willie Brown – Compassionate Politician or Media Putz?

Bonus Topic!
Willie Brown – Compassionate Politician or Media Putz?




Well, another pride parade has come and gone. Why does the Pride Parade get my goat to the point that I have to write a whole Topic of the Week about this event?

First, my Saturday was ruined by the tourists who came into the Toronado on Saturday night asking for bottles of Corona.

Then my Sunday was ruined by MUNI's inability to gauge how many people were going to be waiting for a bus after the parade ended.

But at least I was able to spend five hours Sunday morning watching WB 20's coverage of what can only be considered the tackiest parade on Earth.

Now before everyone writes to me about what it's like being an oppressed minority.. let me cut you off right now. I happen to be Jewish. Have you ever seen a Jewish Pride parade with people dressed in chaps with nipple rings?

My problem with the parade has noting to do with the fact that the people marching were gay… hell, most of my friends are gay… and guess what! All of them think that the parade is a farce. If a bunch of White Anglo-Saxon Protestants decided to walk around naked screaming "WASP PRIDE" while sucking on oversized lollipops… we'd all think that they were out of their collective minds.

You don't get equality or respect by marching around dressed like barbie (male or female&#41… you get ridiculed.

Which, talking about public ridicule – can you believe what Willie Brown was wearing? He had on the most god-awful, ugly-ass rainbow striped shirt with a disgusting bright royal blue fedora. Was Willie trying to show respect to the marching masses, or was he in his own little way making fun of all of the people that he is bound to represent?

Like the answer to how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop… the world may never know.

Since this is a bonus topic, I feel a big bout of procrastination coming on!

 Let me just say, though, that Willie Brown didn't get my vote in the last election for San Francisco Mayor, and he won't get it next time, either.  I think it was his attitude towards the terrible public transportation situation that clinched it for me.

Willie doesn't think that those of us without cars should be upset about the fact that buses and trains don't run on time.  We should "just deal with" the fact that we have to set aside an hour to go 20 minutes away. What does he know?  He has a limo.  

Everything that he does, he does to further polish his sparkly image.  What other mayor (or actor, for that matter&#41 would appear on "Suddenly Susan" for god's sake?  I hear he's in some movies too, and People magazine. At this point, his famous hats probably have their own personalities, and for all we know maybe even their own political offices!    

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