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Decent Irish Bar

Decent Irish Bar

Review of: O’dowd’s Little Dublin
By: Avery Glasser
Rating: 3
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I wonder if the largest Irish exports are just Irish bars, or at least the pseudo-memorabilia that seems to line the walls of every Irish bar. I say pseudo-memorabilia in this case because O’Dowd’s is owned by a bar/restaurant chain and is probably less than 20 years old – and the historical relics laid out everywhere were purchased from a wholesaler, not from the owner’s travels through the emerald isles.

With that said, the Murphy’s was good, but served incorrectly in a British pint glass, not an Irish stout glass – and the Jameson’s, well, it was Jameson’s.

I could see myself sitting in the corner of this bar, drinking whisky and stout while listening to the seisun (this time a bodhran player and a guitarist) play old Irish songs. It’s nothing special, but sometimes that’s what makes places like this so inviting.

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