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Corzo Competition at Rye

Tonight was the Corzo Silver Tequila competition at Rye. I had the honor of being one of the judges along side Dahi Donnelly, Proprietor of Swig and an Editor from San Francisco Magazine. The rules were simple. We would judge 8 cocktails on five criterion: Name, Appearance, Aroma & Taste, Balance & Drinkability and finally Uniqueness and how appropriate the drink is for a bar setting.


And the winner is…


Agua Caliente – a mango/Campari cocktail whose rim is coated with chili powder won the competition hands down – most surprising is that the winner was not a bartender at all.


Second place went to the beautiful Forbidden Fruit made with pomegranite liquor and lemon.


And finally, third place went to the Lolita, a Cointreau and tequila drink with a guava ginger foam.

Rounding out the competition was…


A kiwi nectar and 7Up based Tequila Press


 A well balanced chocolate and orange Corzo Kiss


A Habanero and Horseradish interpretation on a Bloody Maria – the perfectly firey Cock-Tizer (fantastic, but I couldn’t finish it and I love hot food)


The May 1st, a sweet limoncello and basil cocktail…


 and a Pineapple Sangrita called the Fantasma served with a shot of tequila.


Though the Agua Caliente was great, I wonder if any could beat just a simple perfect Corzo Margarita, made by Greg, Publican and owner of  Rye.


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