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Tropical Cocktails in North Beach

Tropical Cocktails in North Beach

Review of: Citizen Thai
By: Avery Glasser
Rating: 4
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So nice, we had to go twice…

– Bar Review Only! –

Since Magnet was closed at 6:30 on a Saturday, my wife and I chose to go to The Monkey Bar, the bar portion of Citizen Thai and the Monkey as the place to meet up with our friends before dinner at House.

Being regulars of their other location, Koh Samui and the Monkey, I expected sleek neo-Asian decor and well made drinks, and I was not disappointed on either level.

I had a Citizen Cup: an interpretation of a classic Pimm’s Cup with gin, Pimms and Ginger Beer – a very nice cocktail indeed! Spicy and sweet, it’s a perfect drink for a Thai noodle bar like The Monkey. Others in the group had a Monkey Mojito (which luckily didn’t have a hint of monkey flavor in the mix), a virgin Mojito (with sparkling water instead of rum), wine and a Red Monkey.

After dinner, the five of us returned there to have another drink before heading our separate ways. I had the same as before, while my compatriots mixed things up with a Melon Mojito (which was happily enjoyed), Iron Buddha tea (served in a nice iron tea pot for the group’s designated driver) and a Shock The Monkey (also very red).

I’m looking forward to return there for some Thai street food, but until then, the bar review stands at 4 stars. Nothing was wrong with it, but I wouldn’t give it that fifth star reserved for the best of the best.

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