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The Coffee of Despair

The Coffee of Despair

Review of: Cafe Du Soleil
By: Avery Glasser
Rating: 2
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Ah, Cafe du Soleil, or as I have been calling it, Cafe Desole… or Cafe of Apologies. Every time I have stopped in, the barista or server is apologizing for making a mistake: making a large instead of a small coffee, pouring something into a ceramic cup instead of a to-go cup, or in one case, overcharging us a couple of dollars (wish we caught that before leaving).

The coffee is ok… some of the best in the neighborhood, but nothing amazing. The barista steams a good pot of milk, but the coffee tends to be a little undertamped leaving an astringent espresso to be used as a base. The bread products, being from La Boulange/Bay Bread, are very good – the almond croissant is actually one of the best I have had in the city.

The decor is fantastic, and the selection of beer is quite nice – about a dozen taps with some intereting choices available.

Nothing amazing, but it’s a great addition to the Lower Haight – better than another damned Starbucks opening up.

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