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A Thought on Belgian Chocolate: Neuhaus

A Thought on Belgian Chocolate: Neuhaus

By: Avery Glasser
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Having lived less than two hours from Antwerp for more than half a year, I can attest that there are much better chocolates in Belgium – pure chocolate from Burie, creme filled pralines from Leonidas, the amazing Guylian hot chocolate… I could go on and on. This isn’t to say that Neuhaus isn’t fantastic chocolate, just if Burie is a five star chocolate, Neuhaus gets four and a half. However, there are few cookies better than those produced by Neuhaus.

Search out the Amouretto cookies – sweet buttery cookies cooked until the sugar just starts to caramelize and then dipped in milk chocolate on one side… they’re absolutely perfect.

If you haven’t had Belgian pralines, Neuhaus is certainly one of the better ones that you can still get (relatively) fresh in the city.

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