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Well constructed cocktails that you need to sell a major organ to afford

Well constructed cocktails that you need to sell a major organ to afford

Review of: Bacar Restaurant & Wine Salon
By: Avery Glasser
Rating: 4
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Considering that a number of my favorite bartenders have “done their time” at Bacar, we finally decided to hit Bacar after living just a block away for the past year.

I’ve always avoided Bacar after hearing the story of my co-workers heading there for a quick client dinner and not being able to get out of there for less than $100 a head for two bottles of wine, some cocktails and a light meal. Looking at the menu online, with most entrees ranging from $27 to $33, I could see how it could easily get out of hand.

However, after hearing about a supposedly amazing blackberry margarita, it was time to give them a try.

But first….

Credit cards? Check!

Statement of my net worth? Check!

Banking references? Check!

Sportcoat? Check!

Ok – now I’m ready to head in.

We got there at 6:10 and the extremely gracious, professionally dressed bartender checked to make sure we were in time for happy hour, which meant half price ($5 – $6) cocktails and $1 oysters. Two blackberry margaritas were promptly ordered and four oysters.

I’ve always had an issue with blackberries – done well, they’re rich and almost chocolate-like. Out of season or previously frozen, they’re bitter and flavorless. The blackberry puree used at Bacar was absolutely fantastic, paired with Herradura Anejo tequila. It was a drink easily worth $8 and a steal at a happy hour $5, but at the normal $10 – I would have felt that it could have had more ‘oomph’.

The oysters were properly shucked and served with an adequate cocktail sauce and mignonette. I went bicoastal with a pair of Washington Sunset Beach and two St. Simon from New Brunswick, both excellent choices.

With happy hour quickly coming to a close (only until 6:30 on Thursdays and Fridays), the bartender set us up with two more drinks before the computer doubled the prices to the normal level, which were fantastic as well.

Though the jazz would be worth coming to hear, it’s hard to justify the prices – but I’ll certainly put Bacar on my happy hour list!

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