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Wadda ya want?

Wadda ya want?

Review of: Arinell Pizza Inc
By: Avery Glasser
Rating: 5
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So, this guy, who doesn’t look like he’s supposed to have both eyes, gives me this puddle of grease with just enough pizza underneath it to protect the paper plate.

Can I get some napkins?

He grudgingly reaches under the counter and gives me a napkin.

Can I get another napkin?

What’re you eatin, ribs?

— Kyle Baker, “Why I Hate Saturn”

In these five sentences, Kyle Baker summarized the New York pizza experience, which is faithfully recreated at Arinell.

You won’t find any fru-fru California crap here – just a perfect thin slice, heated up until the melted cheese on top releases this nuclear-orange oil that, like the color should warn you, is just waiting to slide off into your mouth, or onto your shirt, scorching everything it touches.

It’s a beautiful thing. No tofu, ginseng, pesto or chicken. No sir! Only good New York toppings like bell peppers, sausage and pepperoni. Get a slice, throw on some oregano, parmasan, garlic salt and hot pepper flakes and hope to hell that the piece of waxed paper they use instead of a plate doesn’t dissolve before you finish. Then go back, get another slice and start the process once again. If you’re a New Yorker, you’ll swear you’re almost back home for a moment.

Arinell is a definite 5 out of 5 – the only thing that could make it better is an egg cream or a Dr. Browns Black Cherry to wash it down.

And remember: “Can I get a fork and a napkin? If I give you a fork, whatta you need a napkin for?”

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