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Louck o’ the Irish near the Shopping Centre

Louck o’ the Irish near the Shopping Centre

Review of: The Chieftain Irish Pub
By: Avery Glasser
Rating: 4
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Hm… what to say about The Chieftain. As one of my local Irish pubs, even though it is a 15 minute walk away, there’s something I like about it. Maybe it is the real Irish staff, or the fresh Murphy’s stout, or the generous pours of whisky, or the Magners cider in large and small bottles, or the fact that they rewards locals with a little discount.

I don’t know why I really like the place, because the crowd here runs from constuction workers to neighborhood regulars to the occasional street person asking to use the bathroom. It’s not my scene, yet somehow it’s my style.

Anyway, it’s comfortable, the beer is fresh and the glasses are clean – and there’s nothing wrong with the place. Hell, they even have Setana Sports on the TV, another plus. With all of the plusses, you would think it is a lock for five stars, but it was hard to give it the fourth.

If you’re in SOMA and craving a whisky and a pint, you could do much much worse than The Chieftain.

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