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Quick Tip: Heng Long Asia Supermarkt: A Surprising Find

Living in Germany, one would expect to find at least a few small shops which carry some basic Asian food and sauces. What one would not necessarily expect is a huge grocery store-sized Asian supermarket carrying everything from black bean sauces and chili oil to Mexican food. Yes, Mexican food! Amidst all the Thai curry pastes, the Japanese noodles, the Indian spices and the Chinese vegetables, we were ecstatic to find the exact brand of canned chipotle peppers that we used to buy from the Mexican shop in Munich. Not only that, they also had corn husks for tamales, tortillas, refried beans, and hot sauces. Needless to say, we were overjoyed at this discovery, as we cook a lot of Mexican and Latin American dishes.

Heng Long offers an extensive selection of all types of Asian food products including a large frozen food section and fresh produce. Many varieties of sauces, curry pastes, rice, noodles, cooking wine, sweets and teas fill the seemingly endless rows of neatly-stocked shelves. In addition, they carry a nice selection of teapots, bowls, sake sets, rice cookers, bamboo steamers and restaurant supplies such as food warmers, chopsticks and “to-go” containers.

All in all, an excellent store with a selection that should please any fan of Asian (or Mexican!) cooking.

EC card accepted, but only for purchases totaling €20 or more.

Heng Long. U-Bahn Neumarkt. Ramen and Sake and Chipotle, Oh My!

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