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Quick Tip: Flambees / Hauptbahnhof

On Sunday, after seeing a guest off, we decided to make a quick run to the Hauptbahnhof for magazines and a quick bite to eat (note to all Ausländers… the train station and the airport are the only places in most German cities that can sell goods on Sunday) As we were wandering through the food court, we stumbled upon Flambees, an Alsatian Flammkuchen (elsässer flammkuchen) restaurant.

Alsatian Flammkuchen is very simple: a very thin piece of dough, covered with schmand (a thick sour cream similar to creme fraiche), onions, little cubes of bacon and quickly baked over high heat. Sure, there are variations with other toppings, but the classics are the best.

And how is Flambees? Not bad. A small (which is pretty big) classic (see above) will set you back 3.79€, which is perfect for a quick freshly cooked lunch.

Flambees. Hauptbahnhof. Great for a quick bite when you are sick of fast food, pizza and döner…

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