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A Gourmet Meal in Antwerp

For New Year’s Eve, we decided to head west to Antwerp to visit with friends and to ring in the new year with a good conversation, many nice drinks and, of course, a gourmet meal.

Or, in particular, a meal called “Gourmet”.

Gourmet, according to our Belgian hosts, is a typical meal that you have with friends or family when time is not a factor. The centerpiece of a Gourmet, is a specialized grill. You put the grill in the center of the table, take the little pans and put in a little butter, then either grill pieces of meat or vegetables directly on the grill top, sautee the meat (or vegetables) in the pans on top of the grill or bake/broil in the pans in the space under the grill. It’s not fast, but it’s the perfect way to while away the evening.

We ate and drank and had a fabulous time, and then early in the morning, we headed back to the hotel for a few hours of sleep before taking the two hour drive back to Köln.

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