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Ok, so I am probably one of the few people that really doesn’t like working at home. Partially, it’s because I like to keep my work and home life separated. Partially, it’s because the cats drive me nuts while I am here, forcing me to take calls in the bedroom because these normally silent animals start meowing as soon as I pick up the cell.
But mostly, I like the interaction of being with my colleagues.

Anyway, this week is window refurbishing week here in the apartment building, and our work started today at 7:30am. Not knowing what to expect, I figured that I would work from home in the morning, then head in at lunch. Wrong. At 7:30, they started stripping the paint off of every window and checking the insulation seals. At 9:30, the painting started. They figure (if my German is right here) to be done painting by 11:30 – but then the windows need to stay wide open for fünf stunden (five hours) before I can shut them. That means I am stuck here all day, inhaling the fumes, keeping the cats away from the windows, and essentially watching paint dry.
And we all know how thrilling watching paint drying is.

Still, the outside of the windows – which I will never see – do look better…

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