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Munich has an Izaka-ya!

One wouldn’t think that in the middle of Haidhausen you could actually find a traditional izaka-ya, but lo and behold, there is… and it’s great!

Nomiya, at the Wörthstraße tram stop, is the closest thing that I have ever seen to a real izaka-ya. Izaka-ya are drinking establishments in Japan, with good beer and usually an assortment of yakitori, or grilled skewers of various meats (usually chicken) and vegetables – and that’s pretty much all you can get there. Your choices for food are a couple of sushi rolls, miso soup, and yakitori ranging from tsukune (chicken meat balls) to negi (green onions) to Rebaa (liver) along with grilled ika (squid), beef, and other traditional skewers. But Nomiya considers themselves to be a fusion restaurant – co-owned by a Japanese and a Bavarian – so along with these, they also offer a sausage skewer, a cheese skewer and a couple of other options for those not interested in immersing themselves 100% in the izaka-ya experience.

The other thing that the Bavarian half brings is the beer.

Served in stone mugs, the Altöttinger Naturtrüb is one of my favorite beers. It’s crisp, drinkable, and since it is unfiltered it has a good amount of live yeast, which means that you can have a few liters and still be in good enough shape for the tram ride home.

Nomiya. Very good, very fun. Reservations required. Give it a try and see why a Bavarian-Japanese drinking place is the best of both worlds.

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