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Canton, Theresienstr. 49


Canton Menu, Front Canton Menu, Back

Well, it is official – Munich really does have a good Chinese restaurant!

Ok, it’s nothing new. In fact, the restaurant is almost 30 years old… but after searching around for a good Chinese restaurant for almost a year, we have finally hit paydirt.

Don’t get me wrong. China Garden is a nice restaurant (corner of Schleissheimerstr and Heßstr), but nothing really special – with very nice decor and very nice staff, but Canton is the place if you want really good Chinese in Munich.

And before you mention Kam Yi, it isn’t really Chinese in my book. It’s Vietnamese, with a selection of Chinese food and Sushi. In my opinion, they do lots of things, but none of it very well.
Canton is Chinese. Only Chinese. No Thai, Vietnamese, Korean or Japanese, just standard Cantonese cuisine – not extremely hot, but very flavorful and the best potsticker dumplings in town (choe tse, fried). We’ve tried a number of dishes there, but I always gravitate to the Canton Duck, crispy duck breast with a 5 spice sauce on the side, even though Janet’s Gungboci (kung-pao chicken in a red chili oil sauce) is really great.

Just watch out for the rice wine – at 62% alcohol, it’ll strip the varnish off of your car – but the flavor is worth it after you make it through the burn.

Next week, I’ll try Zum Koreaner and see if we can finally wrap up the missing link in Munich’s Asian cuisine.

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