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Heavy Petting…

So, in good news, the cat seems to be getting much better. She’s stronger, the weight is coming back slowly, and she is much more energetic.She’s cleaning herself, jumping onto tables and in most ways, she is like a normal cat again. Well, as normal as she ever was at least.

However, one result of the time we spent nursing her back to health is that she is now very… well… clingy. Before she got sick, she was pretty indifferent when it came to us. She would come over, want the occasional scratch, and that was it. Now, she won’t leave my side. Anywhere I sit, if there is a centimeter of space where she can squeeze in next to me, she’s there. Meowing to be pet… even if I was petting her for a full half hour before that. And if I have to stop petting her to type on the computer or answer the phone, she’s clawing my arm until I start petting her again.

I guess she’s trying to thank me in her own sort of way…

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