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March Beers in Fall…

Janet and I decided that we should go to the Spigot for a beer after work on Friday. So, we sat down on the new comfy stools at the bar and ordered a round. Janet got her usual, a Magic Hat #9, while I decided that I would get a Belaven Scotch Ale.

I really didn't want a Scotch Ale, what I really wanted was a good Octoberfest Märzenbier, but since I didn't expect to see a Märzenbier on tap until late September, I made due with the Belhaven. Scotch Ales and Märzenbiers share a similar maltiness, but Scotch Ales are… well… ales, while Märzenbiers are lagers… and that difference meant everything to me that night.

I was two sips into my Belhaven when Janet pointed at the newly revised tap list… and there it was: Spaten Octoberfest. Aah, Spaten! The true king of beers and the master of the Märzenbier style! How could I have missed you on the list? I quickly downed the Scotch Ale in front of me and immediately moved onto the Spaten. From the first caramely sip, I knew that I was not only in heaven, but also in extreme danger that I would not be able to leave the bar seat by the time I had my fill.

But three pints of Märzen later, I was not only able to get up, but I was able to walk home and order delivery Mexican food from Coyote Flaco as well… now if I can only get them to start serving Bratwurst and Weisswurst, I'll never have to leave the bar again.

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