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As you now know from the front page, Janet and I are leaving San Francisco in a couple of weeks as we embark on the next phase of our live. I was offered a dream job in Connecticut, and we have decided to take take the plunge and head back East.

Janet and I both grew up in Central Connecticut. We went to school there, met there, got our first apartment there and eventually got married in Elizabeth Park in the middle of America's oldest rose garden. We left so that we could make a name for ourselves without having to deal with the pressures of being near family.

Since we left, we lived in Slippery Rock, PA… attended West Virginia University… spent a fun couple of years in Boston and then moved out to San Francisco. It's been ten years since we've called Connecticut home.

But as long as we have lived away from Connecticut, we always found ourselves comparing our newly-adopted cities to Hartford. So, when I received a job offer that would bring us back East… we decided to take it.

Sure, there are people we are going to miss… and there are places that we'll never be able to replace. But I think I am finally at a point where I'd give up the convenience of being able to walk to a Thai restaurant in order to get a humongous apartment and a car that I can park in my own driveway.

So, even though the stress is massive, and the preparation for the move has sucked up every free minute of my life for the last few weeks (hence the lack of postings&#41, I really think that this is the best choice for the two of us.

This is the last entry that I'll be making from San Francisco… but I'm sure that there'll be more than enough to Smirk and Scowl about in Hartford.

See ya on the East Coast.

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