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After work yesterday, Janet and I decided to make a quick trip off to the Toronado as a way to kick off the weekend.

I’d like to say that it was an amazingly fun time, or that something even vaguely interesting happened, but unfortunately, nothing really happened. Still, we decided to stay around for about 2 and a half hours, drinking beer and chatting with the regulars. Again, what did we talk about? Nothing really interesting. Jimi D (the chef for the Belgian Beer Festival) came by and said “Hi“… and Steve Miner (barback/bartender) had an Underberg with us… and that’s about it for casual conversation at the bar yesterday.

In business news, Jeff, the owner of Rosamunde Sausage Grill, came over to discuss a new sign for the front window. The design that I pitched looks like the plan we’re going to go with: a light blue lexan sign with dye-sublimated text listing all of the sausages with a space where he can write the daily specials in a grease pencil. Can you picture it in your mind? Yes? No? Don’t care?

For those keeping track of the beers that we consumed yesterday: Avery had a Speakeasy Big Daddy IPA (which used to be called the Anniversary IPA), an Anchor Liberty Ale and a Moonlight Twist of Fate Bitter (on hand pump) while Janet stuck with a pair of Liberty Ales. Truly, a unremarkable entry for an unremarkable afternoon.

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