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Like a phoenix

Janet and I made a quick stop into Mollie Stone's Market this afternoon.

Back when we used to go to Gorilla Sports (a gym in San Francisco&#41, we used to go to Grand Central Market on our way home. We had a real love/hate relationship with Grand Central… the meat was some of the best in the city, and the deli was fantastic… but the shelves were cluttered and the aisles were really small. Add a bunch of blonde-hair-in-a-ponytail yuppie girls and the stress level outweighed the great selection of meat and fish.

This afternoon we were coming back from a baby shower near Grand Central and we decided to stop in to see how the renovations went. About 8 months ago, Mollie Stone's bought out Grand Central. Mollie Stone's is a gourmet food store chain that is known for its selection of cheeses and meats. It also is the only grocery store chain that carries Empire Kosher poultry. However, up until the purchase of Grand Central, there were no Mollie Stone's in the area.

Boy, what a change. The new market is bright, where the old Grand Central was dark and dingy. The meat selection is the same, as is the fish selection. The deli is a little different… but overall… wow. The produce is amazing and the new layout has larger aisles and a better selection of general foodstuffs.

What floored me was the beer selection. Anchor Small Beer! Anderson Valley Boont in 22 oz bottles! Oh my god… is it true? A bottle of Lagunitas Brown Shugga?!?

Now it's 10 pm, I have what might be the last bottle of Brown Shugga available anywhere in the city in my fridge and now I have a new favorite grocery store.

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