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Travel Agents and Hotel Reps

I hate having to pick up the phone and deal with those travel industry people. It's not that I'm afraid of the phone, its just those people with their try-to-book-you-in-the-most-expensive room spiel with their little scripted questions, and god forbid you try to interrupt them and ask a question. Like this woman from the hotel on the phone just now who read off the rooms that they had, but not the prices associated with those rooms, and doesn't even tell me the exorbitant price of $209 a night until she reads the entire thing back to me confirmation and all, and then, when she asks if I have any questions, I ask her if that is the cheapest room they have (thinking that maybe when I said the room with the king bed she thought that I meant the room with the king bed and the balcony and the spa&#41 and I ask her if any discounts can apply because we all know that the room is not worth $209, and she all condescendingly says "well, I didn't even look for those discounted rates because you didn't say anything," and I didn't say anything because she wouldn't let me get a word in edgewise until she was done reading her scripted presentation to me, and then she starts looking and makes a big sighing production out of it until she finally finds the discount, which would bring the rate down to $105 a night which is a big, big difference if you ask me, and then she makes another comment about how I'm supposed to tell her these things in the first place so that she doesn't have to go back and make all the changes. Then when she's done and starts to launch into her end-of-the-call part of the script in front of her, I interrupt her and she's still talking, so I talk a little louder and apologize for not telling her about the discount in the first place and then she interrupts me and tells me that they "just don't want to keep people on the phone" while they make the changes which only took all of about 90 seconds to change anyway, and what should she care if I brought up the discount late and want the damn discount so much that I don't mind waiting the whole minute and a half to get $104 off the room? Its so obvious that she just doesn't want to do any extra work, so I then remind her that she didn't even tell me the rate until she was done with confirming the whole reservation, nor did she ask if I even wanted it confirmed, and she goes "Ooooohhhhkaaaaayyyy, well you have a Merry Christmas and thank you for calling Marriott" all sickly-sweet which infuriated me even more because for all she knows I could be Jewish or Muslim or anti-holiday in general, WHICH I AM, and I wish that we could just be gone with the whole interacting-with-humans concept of Customer Service because I would rather punch a bunch of buttons on the phone any day and get it over with, rather than have to deal with the condescending attitudes of bitter, minimum-wage-making phone slaves.

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