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Beer, Thai Food and a Good Review

After getting my annual performance review from my manager on Friday, I decided that I needed to celebrate. So, I grabbed Carlos and the two of us headed out to Great Water for a late lunch.

Great Water is a Thai restaurant about 10 minutes from the office which has great food and an exceptional selection of beer. Since we decided to go late in the afternoon, there was no crowd and we were able to grab out usual seats and order up a celebratory round of drinks. The two of us decided to get the ur-bock, an Austrian bock beer which they just put on tap. The ur-bock was a great beer… and since it was served in a 11 oz glass, we would be able to have one and still be able to work normally. In addition, we decided just to get some appetizers in lieu of a full lunch. we started out with the Goong Gaborg, shrimp wrapped in a think spring roll skin and deep fried and an order of Chicken Satay. Since we were still hungry, we ordered up a plate of the pork jerky.

Aah, the pork jerky… my new favorite food. What Nat (the owner&#41 brought us was a large plate of dried pork with chili sauce/sweet sauce on the side. It was exceptional. I wish I could describe it in better detail, but it was fantastic.

Sometimes, a good lunch with some good company is all you need to make you smile the whole weekend long.

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