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It looks like while I was off playing Asteroids on the Playstation, Avery wrote about all the good stories…except for the one about the British girl who wanted to taste something “light,” but when Robert gave her a taster of one of the lightest beers they have, she took a sip, then wagged her finger at the glass and said all snootily, “No, not this one. I don’t like this.” Robert just shrugs at her because she’s not going to be able to taste each one, after all, so she should just pick one already. She looks up at the board listing the 46 or so beers on tap for a couple of seconds, then asks “Do you have any more, other than those?” Uh, no. After all that, she finally decides on a beer, pays, and leaves no tip.

An addition to the Hey! Someone’s Stealing Tad’s Beer! story: The thief admitted that she thought that whoever had been drinking the beer (that happened to be Tad’s) had left (it was more than halfway full, and there was also a newspaper and a book right in front of it, which on Planet Earth often indicates that the person probably just went to the restroom or something) and she that wanted to steal the glass. Tad told her that that was even worse than stealing someone’s beer, and asked her why she didn’t just offer to buy one. God, these kinds of people piss me off! They come in, tip 25 cents on 3 beers and then want to steal the glassware to boot. Grownup, much? 

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