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Parties and Poison

We ended up going to bed extra late last night…around 5 AM or so. As soon as we got home I began to feel sick. I thought that maybe it was something I drank, or that my body was pissed at me going to bed so late. I woke up feeling the same way, and 10 hours later, even though I feel considerably better than earlier this morning, I still feel kind of blech. Since it lasted for a full 24 hours, I'm now pretty sure that it was probably food poisoning. Last night was Avery's work party, held at the Miyako Hotel in Japantown. I remember tasting the butter and asking "Hmmm, is this herb butter?" because it had a weird un-butter-like taste, but not in a bad way. It was either that or the creme brulee, which also had a weird taste that I thought was rum or some other kind of alcohol, but now I'm thinking that maybe it was just plain bad. I feel fairly sure that it was some type of bad food because this is my 3rd or so bout with food poisoning in the last 9 months. I'll be the first to admit that I have a fragile system, but all of this bad food is getting pretty scary. It's not just the holes-in-the-wall, either…I've gotten sick after eating in 3- and 4-star restaurants. It's enough to make you want to go macrobiotic!

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