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The manipulative use of the phrase "If it's OK with you" tends to vex me. A girl where I work always seems to have things "come up" during the day, like the phone company installing a line at her house, or an appointment, or having to be somewhere for something. Since I have the honor of covering the phones for her while she is out, she has to tell me she won't be there, and she always relays her plans with "if it's OK with you" tacked onto the end. "That's fine." I say, but what I really feel like saying is: "why are you asking if it's 'OK' with me when you have obviously already made your plans, confirmed them, and cleared them with your boss?" If I said that it wasn't OK, I'd just end up looking like a bitch, and she would do whatever it was she had to do anyway. Passive-aggressive much?

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