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This afternon, after failing to find a cylindrical silk-screening frame, I resigned myself to go to Safeway and pick up groceries for dinner. Ooh. Asparagus. Ooh. Milk. Ooh. Rice. Ok.. only need some soda and I'm outta here.
Storm? Naah. Coke? Boooooring. RC? Oooooh…..

RC cola was my favorite soda when I was growing up. Whenever my father and I would find RC when shopping, we would buy a couple of bottles of it, because even in the North East (RC was a regional soda from New York at one time&#41, RC was still difficult to find.

As soon as I spotted the RC, I immediately grabbed two 20 oz. bottles. I was tempted to buy a whole case of  it, but I resisted… it was late, and I didn't have the strength to lug it back home. But I feel optimistic, because if it took this long to get RC at Safeway, I figure that they'll be keeping it around for the time being.

It's funny how a taste from your childhood can bring back the happy memories.

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