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Back in August, I developed a nasty chest cold. It's now almost two months later, and the cold still hasn't completely gone away. You see, I am asthmatic… but the asthma is usually not too bad. If I had to take my inhaler once a day, that was a lot. The unfortunate thing is that as soon as I get a chest cold, it immediately turns into bronchitis. Bronchitis means spending a week on anti-biotics, a month on steroids, and then another two months on my normal inhaler… the whole time wheezing and coughing up a lung. It seems like the period of coughing up little green globs of phlegm is almost over, but you have ever had a bronchial infection, you know that the last week or two of the cold is the worst. Yesterday morning, I was wheezing so bad in my sleep that I had to get up and take the inhaler. This morning, I was coughing so hard my chest started to hurt.
If this cold follows the standard pattern, this means that I should be back to one hundred percent in a few days… but I have a feeling that this is going to make for a scowly beginning of the week.

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