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I am a bit of a video game addict. As a kid, I spent hours on top of hours on my old Atari 2600… playing those great classic games like Pitfall and Warlords (still two great games, no matter how outdated they are&#41. As I got older, I got a ColecoVision (with the ever so popular game Smurf, and all of the great Nintendo games like Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr.&#41. From there, I moved up to playing Parsec and Hunt the Wumpus on my old TI-99 4A and eventually to an old Nintendo system with Super Mario Brothers. Eight years ago, I sold that Nintendo (and all of my games&#41 for one hundred dollars so we would have enough money for the U-haul to move out to Pennsylvania. In West Virginia we bought a Sega Genesis. My thumb still hurts from playing Sonic for hour on top of hour.

A few years ago, I bought a Sega Saturn, because I was in love with the Virtua Fighter series of games. Unfortunately, those were the only games worth playing on the Saturn. Two years or so later, the only games I ever bought were Battle Area Toshinden and Virtua Fighter Two. Let's just face it, the Saturn was a platform with a lot of potential that just couldn't get that killer game.

Yesterday, I bought a Playstation for my birthday. Let's just face it… the Playstation has the best games. Both Tekken 3 and Unforgiven were worthwhile investments, and next week we'll be getting Metal Gear: Solid and Devil Dice. Hey, there's nothing geeky about blowing off some steam after a long day of work by kicking some pixelated ass, is there?

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