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Why is it that every movie, television show or advertisement set in San Francisco always shows the residents to be yuppie-scum Marina people driving some sort of sport utility vehicle to get from point A (usually the Marina&#41 to Point B (usually somewhere within 3 miles of Point A.&#41 If they ever show an "alternative" type, they're either a car thief or a bike messenger. Case in point, this new car ad that I just saw. Miss Rich-Girl Marina Chick is driving a brand new Sport Utility Vehicle to get from the Marina to North Beach. The Marina is less than a mile away from North Beach. Neither North Beach nor the Marina have any sort of on-street parking, especially parking for a monstrosity like that SUV that she was driving. So, what was the point of the advertisement?

If any advertising executives ever read this Scowl… take this to heart: Real San Franciscans aren't remotely like the sort of people that you portray us to be in advertisements. Real San Franciscans are the bike messengers that get hit by drivers of those damned Sport Utility Vehicles that you try to hock during reruns of The Simpsons.

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