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In San Francisco (and I'm sure in other cities as well), those infernal postcard racks are springing up in more and more public places, especially bars and restaurants. They are racks that are bolted to the wall that display about 12 or so different types of "postcards," free for the taking, which are actually just advertisements masquerading as postcards. I'm always astounded at how it attracts the young, very dressy, very conservative yuppie girls like moths to a flame. They run over to the display in pairs and coo at the cards, and sometimes they excitedly call their boyfriends over to see. What I want to know is, what do they do with those handfuls of free ads…I mean, postcards? Do they actually take the time to write someone a note, stamp it and mail it off to places not fortunate enough to have the postcard racks? Do they hang them on their bathroom mirrors? Decorate their cubicles at work? I guess it's OK, if your idea of interior decorating involves pictures of Mr. Jenkins or the Odwalla tangerines.  

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