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Socks and Underwear

Ok, time to vent here. There are two things that I loathe shopping for: socks and underwear. At least socks are easy, all I need to do is go into Ross Dress for Less and buy a 6 pack of white gym socks or a couple of el-cheapo blue dress socks. Underwear is another story. The unfortunate thing is that there is no such a thing as comfortable discount underwear. Last time I went to Ross, I bought 12 gym socks, 3 pairs of dress socks and three pair of no-name boxers. I figured that for $3.50 a pair, it was worth trying them out. Boy, was I wrong.
The waist band fits perfectly. The cotton is comfortable… and the fly won't shut. Do you know what it is like wearing jeans with a really sharp zipper and the only thing in between some very sensitive skin and some very rough denim (or that really sharp zipper&#41 is a flimsy piece of  fabric that just won't (how can I put this delicately&#41 stay in place? This means that this weekend, I am going to head out to Old Navy and buy a couple of pairs of  "athletic" (read: no fly or button fly&#41 boxers. It looks like Janet is going to inherit another couple of pairs of boxers.

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