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Jeans for Hipless Girls and Makeup Remover

Shopping in Union Square (tourist central and crowded as hell&#41 always makes my blood pressure rise just from the crowds alone. I can only step around so many tourists videotaping buildings (buildings! They don't even move!&#41 in one day. This past Saturday, however, it was the Gap that got my goat. I went in, made it past the giant GapTV screens with the giant GapTV commercials, made my way over to the jeans section and found my size. I couldn't help but notice that there were 5 shelves full of sizes 1 through 8 (mostly sizes 1-4&#41 and only 1 shelf of sizes 10 and up.  I happen to wear a size 12 Gap jean, so I felt a little left out. I mean, it's hard enough to find stuff that looks good in size 12, and here I was in front of a shelf that only had one more pair in my size! Are they saying only tiny-waisted, no-breasted negative-hipped women should buy their clothes? Oh well, their men's stuff is much better quality, and cheaper.
I also had to buy eye-makeup remover, so I went to the Lancome counter and got the only kind that works, the one with oil in it. $18.50! Plus tax! For a little tiny bottle! I swear that 6 months ago this stuff was $12 or $14. At that price, I'm sincerely hoping that I don't knock it over. Alas, I have tried the cheaper $5.95 version, and practically blinded myself it burned so bad.

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