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Didn't your mother teach you better?

I would think that by the age of 10 one would remember to wash one's hands when one is done using a public restroom. This said, why is it that people who look at least 21 years of age still can't do it? I've been in our restroom at work on several occasions when a woman (who thankgodfully works for another company on the same floor&#41 will come in, use the toilet, and then leave without so much as rinsing her hands!  Now, I admit that I'm somewhat of a clean freak, but come on, is this gross or what? Like I really want to touch the tainted door handle on my way OUT of the bathroom now. She always practically runs out of there, maybe to escape my looks of disgust. I've always heard that the women's restrooms are much dirtier than the men's…no wonder!

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